Welcome to Southfields.net

Southfields.net is the Community Portal for Southfields in London, SW18 & SW19.

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We have been involved in the Southfields community since 2002 and have had an active portal since 2003. We’re glad to be back with a host of old favourites and new features!

Better for Residents

We have a new and improved message board with better security and less chance of hacking. The original Southfields.net site was originally built in 2002 and when first hacked in 2010 featured very outdated technology. We have improved this and built in a programme of constant maintenance – so hopefully we’ll be here to stay!  Features that will gradually make a comeback are a full featured message board system, the tradesperson database and we have more scope to add more features as we go.

Better For Businesses

Partly because so many people have asked for this and partly because it will help us pay for the upkeep of the site, we’ll gradually be adding business adverts to the site plus the chance for business owners to network online plus post ads that will be picked up by search engines and humans as the site gets more popular again. For some crazy reason, we still maintain position 3 on Google despite not having a proper site up and running for over 2 years; we hope to further capitalise on this and get businesses into prime Google positions too. For a monthly charge starting at £3.95, we will include business listings, banner ads and other business-centric features.  See how you can get involved here.

We look forward to welcoming you all back to Southfields.net over the coming months. To keep track of things, please visit the forum or sign up to our twitter or facebook pages (links above).